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Medical Equipment
Offered range of Medical Equipments is well known for its advanced features that speed up diagnosis and treatment procedures. Offered in various specifications, this array of medical apparatus deserves praise for its ergonomic look.

HBA1C Analyser
Notable for compact shape, this range of HBA1C Analysers is useful for analysis of venous blood and capillary whole blood. User friendly mechanism, long working life, accurate operation and ergonomic look are the key aspects of this product range.

ECG Machine
This range of ECG Machines is useful for error free checking of electrical signal of heart. Accessible in single/multiple channels based design choices, this array of electrocardiogram systems has a number of advanced features to speed up diagnosis function.

Multi Parameter Patient Monitor
Multi Parameter Patient Monitors is used for constant monitoring of blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, ECG and blood oxygen level of patients.  These medical apparatus have user friendly operating interface, multiple data recording function and long life span.

Oxygen Concentrator
This range of Oxygen Concentrators is suitable for home care and also for hospital/clinics utilization purpose. These medical equipments are used for constant supply of oxygen to patients. Adjustable parameters is one of the key aspects of this product range.

Portable Phelgm Suction Unit
Portable Phelgm Suction Units are used for effective removal of phlegm by applying suction force to treat moist cough. These suction units can be used in hospitals and also for home care purpose.

Blood Glucose Meter
Blood Glucose Meters are reliable options for diabetic patients to measure sugar level in blood. Accurate measurement method, fast action, automatic coding arrangement, activity recognition function and color code calibration arrangement are the key aspects of these glucose meters.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors
Digital Blood Pressure Monitors offered by us are well known for their long working life, error free measurement method and ergonomic look. Large LCD screen and large font size of the monitors of these instruments ensure clear visibility of displayed data.

This array of nebulizers is effective for treating asthma and other breathing complications. These medical apparatus come in handy for converting solid medicines into fine particles for their smooth administering through nasal passage.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Fingertip Pulse Oximeters are well known for their accurate measurement result, long life span and consistent functioning. These medical instruments are user friendly, are maintenance free and have long working life.

Fetal Doppler
Fetal Dopplers are reliable medical instruments used for checking heartbeat of baby in the womb. These handheld instruments can identify changes in the movement of baby and can translate the changed movement into sound.

Pregnancy Card
Pregnancy cards are reliable options to determine pregnancy on the basis of urine test result. Testing method of these cards is easy to comprehend.  These test cards detect HCG hormones in urine sample to determine whether one is pregnant or not.